Cala en Feliu Formentor Cap Formentor Bay of Pollensa sunset

Favourite Places in the Bay of Pollensa

To help you plan your trip, below are some of our favourite places to visit by boat in the Bay Of Pollensa. There are many more beautiful locations to visit further afield, far more then we can mention here, but hopefully this will give you a flavour of what is available close by.

Punta Avançada

This lovely bay is a favourite place to visit for the locals. It is close by, sheltered, with calm, warm, shallow water. Usually you´ll find most of the local people having lunch on their boats, swimming, or just enjoying a talk with friends under the sun. With shallow water and a sandy bottom, it's a perfect spot to snorkel and is used to train beginners to scuba dive. If you want to benefit from the experience of the locals, then you have to visit Punta Avançada.

Es Caló

Just around the corner from Punta Avançada, there´s a small pebbled beach; very nice to visit, or just to cruise by. If you want a quiet spot to hide away for a while, this is perfect.

Cap Formentor
The views from the lighthouse at Cap Formentor are spectacular.

Formentor Island

Formentor island is overlooked by the famous Formentor Hotel. The hotel has had, and still does have many famous visitors. These have included Sir Winston Churchill, Grace Kelly, Charlie Chaplin and Audrey Hepburn. The island itself is a place for nature, with no buildings or people living there. You can go ashore if you like, taking care not to disturb delicate birds nests, and enjoy the nature, solitude and beautiful views. If you are brave enough you can even jump from the cliffs into the water. There is also a beatiful sea cave with stalactites and colourful underwater scenery. You can only visit the cave when the sea is very calm.

Cala En Feliu

Ths bay and beach is very similar to Es Calo, but less visited. There is a small pebbled beach, a forest to explore and rocks and cliffs to the sides.

Cala Murta

Although this is one of the most visited places in the Bay of Pollensa, it doesn´t reduce its magnificence, and beauty. Very sheltered, surrounded by cliffs, that you can walk through from the beach to the cliff edge.

Underwater it has a submerged archway very nice to explore when snorkeling or scuba diving. On the beach there are picnic facilities, and a forest to explore.

Cala Engossalba

Just beside Cala Murta, but not as well known, you can find some better corners to anchor the boat, with nice walls and rocks to investigate underwater, snorkelling or scuba diving.

Cap Formentor
One of the many beautiful views in the Formentor area of northern Mallorca.

Cap Formentor

At the north-west end of the Bay of Pollensa, Cap de Formentor is the most northern point of Mallorca. It is truly spectacular and one of the most photographed views on the island. You can travel to the lighthouse at the end of the point by car (this can be a challenge in itself), but to visit by sea gives a unique view of the lighthouse, the huge cliffs and the deep blue depths. Thousands of years of wind and waves have left their mark on the rocks.

Cap Pinar

Cap Pinar marks the north-east end of Pollensa bay. With low cliffs and shallow waters it is one of the best places to go snorkeling. The water is crystal clear and filled with wild life. You will find caves and arches underwater that are only reachable by boat.

Army Base

With winds from the east, this is the perfect place to stay in a calm and enjoyable spot.

Cala en Feliu
The quiet and secluded beach at Cala En Feliu.

Cala Figuera

The pleaure of visiting Cala Figuera is not just the cala itself, but the journey there that takes you through crystal clear waters, seeing large rocks that peak at the surface and there are beautiful mountain views to enjoy.

Es Colomer

From a distance you can only imagine how beautiful Es Colomer could be. Travelling there by sea and swimming and sailing around this conspicuous rock, gives a unique experience for your holiday.

Coll Baix

The main feature of Col Baix is the large isolated beach. At the foot of the mountains this beach is perfect to play ball games, have a lunch or a picnic ashore, and to feel isolated from the rest of the world.

Cala Figuera
The view of Cala Figuera from the mountains above.
Soller Trams
The lovely town of Soller is one of our favourite places to visit.
Cala Murta beach
The secluded beach of Cala Murta.